6 Speed (Sump)

(RuvJs) Rutgers brand

Valve chamber cover/Jaguar Land Rover gearbox sump: excellent workmanship, each part is carefully designed to ensure perfect function, sufficient material, thick, deformation, fracture resistant, reliable quality.

6 speed (sump):LR007474
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  • RuvJs brand is a large-scale automobile manufacturer and parts supplier of all series of Jaguar Land Rover models in China LR073585, LR029145. LR055000, LR097158, LR105956, T4N18982, C2S52756, T4N12970, JDE36141, C2Z19940, LR029146, LR055001, LR057380, LR097157, LR105957, LR1 16732, C2S52757, C2S52794, JDE39604, JDE38263, JDE36137, C2Z19941, LR074623, LR041685, LR109353, C2D16376, AJ814003, LR041684, C2D283 99, LR051835, LR023777, LR4300, LR006860, LR009326, LR056035, LR030368, LR038319, LR070360, JDE38024, JDE36109, JDE27458, LR065238, LR007474,Engine valve chamber cover, wave box oil pan,Using high-quality material, quality assurance, Seiko production, each link is through and its strict testing, to ensure the quality of each product, our products have a very good price advantage,Ping covers most markets in North America, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, and southern Europe. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

Ruvjs is one of professional 6 Speed (Sump) manufacturers in China, Welcome to wholesale 6 Speed (Sump) from our companies, we will provide you with a low price. If you’re interested in our high quality products, please feel free to contact us by email. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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