Product Application

1, chassis parts: shock absorber swing arm, ball head, direction machine, ABS line, water pump, shaft head, brake system, turbocharger, etc.;

2, maintenance parts: wiper, brake pad, air filter, oil filter, gasoline filter, diesel filter, battery, brake induction line, transmission oil filter, electronic spray (spark plug, ignition coil, nozzle, oil pressure valve), etc.;

3, engine parts: valve chamber cover, belt, tensioner, idler, chain, guide plate, intake and exhaust gear, camshaft solenoid valve, etc.;

4, Tiger Jaguar common parts: crankshaft camshaft, ignition system, starting system, fuel system, suspension, air conditioning and electrical appliances, steering system, etc.;
Company values and vision

Values:pragmatism, responsibility, passion, transcendence, innovation

Vision: Committed to creating higher value for customers, contribute to the development of the automotive aftermarket
Guangdong Century Chuang Import & Export Co., Ltd. provides auto parts to a wide range of companies worldwide, from large multinational corporations to small enterprises